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Nowhere else in western Africa is the coastal environment as unspoiled as it is in Gabon. Along the southern (Loango) coast the scenic mosaic of lagoons, sandy beaches,  forest and grassy savannas remains, together with the fisheries and wildlife, in an almost pristine state. Part of this territory is protected within the Loango National Park. Fishing pressure is limited to local subsistence fishing and only two tourist operations.

The lagoon, adjacent beaches, and isolated coastal lagoons are prime sport fishing territory. At times the numbers and quality of fish is incredulous and is partly explained by the fact that the 220km² Iguéla lagoon is a rich nursery for juvenile fish that as adults are concentrated within a relatively small area.


The fishing is generally best in the rainy season (September – April), peaking from November to February, with a high density of fish feeding around the mouth of the lagoon. This amazing species richness during peak season offers the opportunity to potentially catch any of the species that are listed below, on fly, with the exception of bull sharks, guitar sharks and catfish (caught mainly on bait).

Fishing types

Most types of sport fishing are practiced, including spinning/plugging, fishing with natural baits, trolling, surf casting, fly fishing, etc. Depending on conditions, location and client preferences, fishing is done from boats, the beach, or wading. There are usually two fishing sorties per day with time for lunch and a siesta in between. Guests who prefer, can stay out all day with a packed lunch. Depending on sea conditions offshore fishing is also possible.

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