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In Loango National Park, we have created a circuit that allows you to see and experience all the park's highlights and ecosystems. From the lodge, you can venture out into the forest with one of our eco-guides or book a game drive or river safari to experience the diverse habitats and wildlife the area have to offer.

Elephant Akaka
Red river hogs

Game drives in a 4x4 pickup are an easy and comfortable way to view the park and see wildlife such as buffalo, elephant, red river hogs and sitatunga. In the rainy season from November to April, you can find large mammals roaming freely on the beach.Enjoy sun downers while on a tour of the lagoon or get up close and personal with forest elephants on the Akaka river.



You can venture out with one of our eco-guides into the forest. On foot is one of the best ways to learn more about the diversity of the park. You can encounter wildlife such as elephants and buffalo, but even more so, discover the more inconspicuous forest animals and birds.


Gabon is home to one of the largest leatherback populations in the world. In the turtle season, from October to February, you can venture out at night with our expert eco-guides to look for nesting marine turtles. In total, four species of marine turtles can be found nesting on Gabon’s beaches. The leatherback and the olive ridley nest here regularly but the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle only nest here on rare occasions.


From mid-July to mid-September, humpback whales visit the coastline of Loango National Park. Go out on a boat with our skipper to look for these impressive, playful mammals.


The point where the lagoon empties into the ocean contains some of the largest game fish in the world, making it an ideal spot for fishing - and only 10 minutes by boat from Loango lodge!The smaller lagoons in the park is great for fly fishing and exclusively for Loango Lodge clients.


Loango National Park is a paradise for the dedicated birder that want to track down 100's of forest and Congo basin species. Request your birding list for more info.


Go on a rare opportunity to find the habituated Western Lowland Gorilla's of Loango National Park.

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