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National Park

Gabon's politics - update! 

The situation on the ground in Gabon is very calm, there is no violence, and people seem very happy 

Loango's Camps are receiving guests as

International flights resumed on the 3rd September

We will update this website and our sister website: See Wild Travels Ltd if any changes occur


Have you ever dreamed of a place where it is still possible to experience the rhythms of equatorial Africa in its most primitive state, a place completely lost in time, a place where you can see with vivid clarity just how it all once was? Loango national park is that dream. Many nature lovers well acquainted with the African continent consider Gabon a rare and exotic tropical gem, yet tourism here still remains relatively undeveloped. Wildlife rich forests cover 70% of Gabon's landmass, its vast picturesque coastline is predominantly wild and unspoiled, and its inland and coastal waters teem with myriad species of fish, reptiles and marine mammals.

Western lowland Gorillas

One rainforest animal that people find most fascinating is the gorilla. Adult males (silverbacks that have a swath of silver hair on their backs and large crests on their heads) weigh about 150 kilograms and are twice the size of adult females.


Capture up close and personal encounters with forest elephants on the Akaka river banks.

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